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Community Well-Being

The Gothenburg Early Childhood Learning Coalition is committed to addressing community-wide challenges impacting early childhood in Gothenburg. While our primary focus is on early childhood care and education, we recognize that parents will always be the most important and formative factor in a child’s life. Parents have the most impact on a child’s emotional, social and cognitive development, regardless of the time the child spends in childcare.


The GECLC, in conjunction with Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, is already working on ways to support parents in their role of raising healthy children. A new childcare center will incorporate a Healthy Families Center, which will coordinate with public and private service providers to give parents easy access to tools and resources for them and their children. While the list of service providers is not final yet, resources intended to be offered will address physical, emotional, social, and behavioral needs of families, giving just another example of how “all means all” in Gothenburg. 

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Your Generosity Can Make a Difference

The Gothenburg Giving Closet serves the youth in need in Gothenburg. The closet runs entirely on donations and is open to families by appointment to those who have been recommended.

Learn more on the Giving Closet Facebook page:

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