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About Us


Early childhood care providers in Gothenburg offer care and education in various settings to allow parents to choose what’s best for their children. There are two licensed center-based childcare providers in town, along with three licensed in-home providers, five part-time preschool providers, and one after school program. The variety of providers often allows parents to find the care that fits best for their child and with their work schedule or other considerations. 

Most of these providers choose to be part of the Gothenburg Early Childhood Learning Coalition (GECLC) Advisory Committee, a volunteer group of early childhood providers, educators, and community members committed to addressing community-wide issues impacting early childhood in Gothenburg. The goal of the GECLC is to support each other and work together to ensure that every child in Gothenburg from birth to age five has the option for high quality early childhood care and learning opportunities that support healthy growth and development.

Recognized for the unique collaborative approach to early childhood care and education, Gothenburg has received funds from local and state entities to continue its work. The GECLC is governed by a board of directors and employs a community coordinator who focuses on education and advocacy in early childhood matters.

GECLC Board of Directors

Colten Venteicher, President

Allison Jonas, Secretary

Katie Lauer, Treasurer

Casey Madsen

Antonia Mendez

Dr. Todd Rhodes

Angie Richeson

Community Coordinator
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